A is for Adair Village

Adair Village is city in Benton County Oregon and a population of 840 at the 2010 Census. Adair Village is named for Camp Adair which was open 1942 to 1946. Camp Adair was a training camp for World War II and after the war some of the buildings were used by US Air-force from 1957 till 1969.

Adair Village came into existence after residents successfully formed the city which was incorporated in 1976. Several structures from Camp Adair were used as buildings for the new city. For example, city hall was housed in an original building from Camp Adair until fire destroyed it 2003. For more information about the history of Adair Village visit: Adair Living History.

On May 13, 2017 there will be a founders celebration for Adair Village for more information please visit: Official City Website .

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2017 A to Z Theme Reveal

My theme for 2017 A to Z blog is Cities in the State of Oregon. I started not sure how I wanted to pick cities so I turned to the goggle machine to give me definitions of what a city is. I ended up picking the definition that I felt like it agreed with what I wanted to do. From Dictionary.com an incorporated municipality, usually governed by a mayor and a board of aldermen or councilmen. So no matter the size whether under 1,000 like Adair Village or over a half a million like Portland. This April I’m going to take you on a journey around Oregon.

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B is for Beaverton

B is Beaverton is in Washington County Oregon.The name was chosen because of the dams that beavers would create in a nearby body of water.  The city center of Beaverton is 11 miles west of Portland.

is for Beaverton is perhaps best known as being the home to Nike.  Nike is an interesting case because although the world headquarters are located in Beaverton the land on which the headquarters sits is considered unincorporated which means that Nike does not pay taxes to the city of Beaverton. Beaverton is also part of the silicon forest which means that many high tech companies have offices in the city.

My favorite piece of trivia about Beaverton that I found out while researching this post came from wikipedia: In the early 1920s, Beaverton was home to Premium Picture Productions, a movie studio which produced about fifteen films.

The sign that lets you know you're in Beaverton.

The sign that lets you know you’re in Beaverton


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A is for Astoria


A is for Astoria……

Astoria is located on the Oregon coast and is named for John Jacob Astor who was an American Inventor. Lewis & Clark spent part of f 1805–1806 at Fort Clatsop which is located south of modern day Astoria. If you ride the waterfront trolley you will be able to see the rich history of Astoria and how much it has changed over the years.

If you’re a movie buff then you may have seen Astoria through the eyes of several movies including: The Goonies,  Short Circuit, The Black Stallion, Kindergarten Cop, Free Willy,

My favorite part of Astoria is driving across the bridge and you have the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Columbia River on the other side. Here is a picture that captures that well:


Astoria the first stop in our journey of Oregon A to Z


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2015 A to Z Challenge: All about Oregon

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Vice-Chair Speech

I wanted to share my entire speech that I had prepared to deliver this morning at the Washington County Republican Organizational Meeting.  Due to time constraints I had to edit.

Good morning, I’m Christiana and I am running for vice chair.

Just like the rest of you, I was disappointed that the red wave stopped at the Cascades. I worked very hard during this election cycle with many of you who are here today to take back our country, our state, our county. Be we fell short and we actually lost ground. And I am tired of losing. I thought long and hard about it and realized that we make changes.

There are three things that we have to change. First is fund raising, we need a strong pledge program. Money is the lifeblood of politics. We cannot be scrambling at the time of an election trying to raise funds to do a mailing to our voters, or just before the county fair, or to do general outreach. I have designed and run monthly pledge programs. They are easy to maintain and I will work with our Treasurer to get one established. If all of us gave just a few dollars a month we would have enough to accomplish our goals.

The second is transparency. As members of the executive committee we need to be communicating with our constituency. That’s you the PCPs who are here today. Creating an atmosphere of openness will help empower you to take ownership of the party and help us accomplish the next change we have to make.

And it is simple. Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment. And no I’m not a broken record. We need to be recruiting candidates to run for every office. We need to be recruiting more PCPs to get involved with our candidates. And we need to be recruiting more volunteers. There are many who have walked away from the Republican Party. The time has come to bring them back and show them that we can win.

We have a great system of organization with our house captains. We have access to an excellent voter outreach system developed by our county chair. We are blessed to have the most dedicated PCP’s and volunteers that I have ever seen. But we don’t have enough people.  We are seriously outnumbered and unless we change that we will keep loosing.

We can not be a party of exclusion. We need to be a party of inclusion. As President Reagan said “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally, not a 20 percent traitor.”

I am not running on a slate or with a faction, I am running as who I am. A Republican. And when I look around this room all I see are fellow Republicans.

I am Christiana and I ask for your vote because this is not about our past, it is about our future. Thank you.

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The Changing Shadow

I was driving home one night from a friends house and it occurred to me how beautiful shadows can be and how easy it can be to live in them. That May night it was cloudy out and the sun was drawing an amazing picture as it set over the horizon. It was yellow; blue; orange; gray and black.  The gray was the color that stood out the most because in some ways it was the brightest since all of the other colors seemed to flow out of it. I tried to take a picture of it when I got home but by that point the only color that would show up with my phone camera was black.

Here is the poem that came to me that night:
I live in the shadows. The in-between. The one place where light and dark collide. The one place where nothing is clear. When you live in the shadows you live in quiet and peace. When you live in the shadows you live in dark and light. Light creates a shadow and dark creates the place where you can rest.

That poem started me  thinking: what is it like to live in the shadows, does that mean that you live in dark or light or both. If you live in the shadows does anyone notice you? Does anyone care?

I tend to use  quotes to help me define concepts  and man did quotes appear when I typed in “shadows” into Google and hit the image button.  One of my favorite quotes came from George RR Martin: “The brightest flame creates the darkest shadow.” I realize now that living in the shadows is the safe way to live since you live in the background and really do not make much noise.

Taking pictures was one way I tried to figure out just what shadows meant to me. While looking at the pictures in preparation for this post I realized that they are both light and dark.  It just depends on what time of day that you take the picture and the angle of the sun.

Taken in full sun

Painting by Rene. Photo by Christiana


Taken just after sunset


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