A is for…..

Image is for  adventure which I have a feeling this next month will be. I have never blogged this regularly before and I know that it will be a challenge and one that I really looking forward to. I have always wanted to write and can not count the times that I have told myself: time to write and see what you can produce. That is what April is all about seeing what I can produce and having fun.

I’m hoping that you will come along for the adventure with me.




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4 responses to “A is for…..

  1. I’ll be back- have fun on this adventure! I loved doing it last year-so will do it this year also!

  2. Thanks. I think that it will be fun.

  3. Hi from another Adventurer! 🙂

  4. Bravo! One of my blogger friends said recently “holding a specific kind of space (a simple paper square, or an hour in the week) and showing up with open willingness results in something.” In this case, your specific kind of space is a blog post, and it will be so much fun to see what results from it! Good luck.

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