E is for……


Energy. Energy is something that is needed by everyone to survive but always seems to be in short supply. Humans gain energy by sleeping. When was the last time you got enough sleep that you didn’t feel like you needed a pick me up during the day. 

Plants need energy aka sunlight in order to grow. I live in Oregon and during spring sunlight is a scare thing.  In our part of the world we call rain liquid sunshine. However the low humidity of the summer makes putting up with the rain bearable. It is cool that at 9pm on June night it will still be light in Oregon. 

Energy is something that is needed to power the world.Depending on who you talk to we are either running out of certain types of energy; are not using the right type of energy to power our world and a thousand other things. 




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4 responses to “E is for……

  1. A good ol’cup of Joe is my ‘energy’ drink of choice 🙂
    Another a to z blogger

  2. Sometimes it seems the more I sleep, the less energy I have!
    I’m so jealous of your Oregon summers. Ours are hot and muggy and unbearable.
    (Found your blog over at A to Z. 🙂 )

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