J is for …….


J is for jet. The jet plane is the object that lets me see my family that still lives on the east coast. The plane allows me to visit new places and have new experiences in new places.  The jet plane is an invention that has been used for good and bad. For example it allows people to move around the world quickly but it also has lead to the death of thousands when it is used to drop bombs.

When I was a child I flew in a lot in jets. I was never afraid and would usually just sleep for some reason over the years I have become more fearful. I’m thankful to have a husband who is patient and lets me squeeze his hand during takeoff and landing and any bumpy parts. I know that it will get easier to fly someday but for now I’ll just hold hubby’s hand.



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  1. I think 9/11 changed how many people view air travel. At that time, I had just started a long distance relationship (that eventually led to marriage). One of the hardest trips for me came just days after a plane crashed in Queens, N.Y., but I still went.

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