N is for…..

Image  is for nothing. My hubby suggested a blank page since that would mean nothing. I said nope and wrote this which I hope you will enjoy.

The Nothing was a concept on the television Charmed which is about three witches that live in San Francisco CA and battle all sorts of evil weekly.  According the Charmed Wiki http://charmed.wikia.com/wiki/The_Nothing#Notes “The Nothing is a supernatural force that the Ice Cream Man uses to destroy demonic children. It has the power to swallow everything that comes inside the Ice Cream Mans van, whether it’s good or evil.

In season 3, Prue and Phoebe got stuck in the van after trying to help save a child get kidnapped by the Ice Cream Man, unaware that he was a demon. When the Ice Cream Man helps let the sisters escape, the demon children get freed and try to regroup with other demon children so they could destroy the van and the Nothing in the process. The Charmed Ones confront the children and manage to play the Ice Cream Man’s song, which lured all of the children back into the Nothing’s realm to be vanquished.”
When I think of nothing I think of a place that has no time or space and that is what the ice-cream truck had. It is true that the word nothing can many different definition but I chose to use this one for now.

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