R is for ….


R is for run

Each of the these types of running happen as a part of normal and daily life.

You can run to something: to me that means that you’re running to the end of the block or into someone’s arms. If you watch the news you always see those great scenes when the military is returning and they run into each others arms. That always bring a tear to my eye.

You can run from something aka running from fear: I am not going to deal with that no matter what. That would be running from something.

You can run for an office: That would be one of the harder things to do. I admire those that are willing to set aside their personal lives and serve others by running for office. I don’t see myself doing that but I love to help those that do.

You can run for a cure My friend Inessa trains with Team in Training to help wipe out blood cancer. My goal is to someday run in a race that will give money to cure ovarian cancer.

You can run to exercise One of my long term goals is the run for exercise. It burns calories and has other benefits. Now that I’ve it out there. I had better get busy.



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