U is for….

Image is for Umbrella. I live in Oregon and we have a saying that only tourists use umbrella’s. I won’t say that is totally true since I have used one once or twice since I moved here. In downtown Portland there is a statue called Allow Me which shows a man holding an umbrella most Oregonians call him Umbrella Man. You can see him when you take the max train downtown since he is in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Pioneer Courthouse Square aka Portland’s Living Room which is a gathering place for Portland city residents.

Here is a picture of Umbrella Man decked out in Christmas Best:Allow_Me_in_December_2013





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4 responses to “U is for….

  1. I so want some rain. But here in So.Cal. we’re not getting much of it, although I think we may have showers this weekend. Funny, about tourists only using umbrellas in Oregon. Good post. Enjoyed visiting.
    Silvia @

  2. I love the downtown sculpture in Portland- we’re up visiting right now from our new home in northern California ( moved 2 years ago )

  3. I love the way people say Umbrella. Different in the south than north. What a country!


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