W is for…….

Image is for Walter Wombat. I know that it kind of weird so let me explain.  I first heard of wombat’s from my husband who decided to nickname me: his wombat princess after seeing a picture and deciding that they were cute. I told him that if you’re going to call me that then you need to get me a wombat. That is how I got Walter Wombat.

In August 2008 I had a ruptured aneurysm in my brain and for some reason Walter Wombat gave me comfort.  He would sit at the end of my bed in ICU and .  I would get the same question: what is that? I would say a wombat and explain how my hubby got him for me. I can remember being agitated and then being handed Walter Wombat and instantly calming down. Now Walter Wombat has a place of honor in my family room.

unnamed (1)Walter Wombat standing on pickled garlic made by my hubby.



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2 responses to “W is for…….

  1. I love Wombats! While in Australia I actually got to sit next to a live Wombat at the zoo.

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