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B is for Beaverton

B is Beaverton is in Washington County Oregon.The name was chosen because of the dams that beavers would create in a nearby body of water.  The city center of Beaverton is 11 miles west of Portland.

is for Beaverton is perhaps best known as being the home to Nike.  Nike is an interesting case because although the world headquarters are located in Beaverton the land on which the headquarters sits is considered unincorporated which means that Nike does not pay taxes to the city of Beaverton. Beaverton is also part of the silicon forest which means that many high tech companies have offices in the city.

My favorite piece of trivia about Beaverton that I found out while researching this post came from wikipedia: In the early 1920s, Beaverton was home to Premium Picture Productions, a movie studio which produced about fifteen films.

The sign that lets you know you're in Beaverton.

The sign that lets you know you’re in Beaverton



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A is for Astoria


A is for Astoria……

Astoria is located on the Oregon coast and is named for John Jacob Astor who was an American Inventor. Lewis & Clark spent part of f 1805–1806 at Fort Clatsop which is located south of modern day Astoria. If you ride the waterfront trolley you will be able to see the rich history of Astoria and how much it has changed over the years.

If you’re a movie buff then you may have seen Astoria through the eyes of several movies including: The Goonies,  Short Circuit, The Black Stallion, Kindergarten Cop, Free Willy,

My favorite part of Astoria is driving across the bridge and you have the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Columbia River on the other side. Here is a picture that captures that well:


Astoria the first stop in our journey of Oregon A to Z


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